For over four decades, Craig and LaDonna Smith have been bringing the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people across North America and around the world.  Their lives were changed dramatically when they were involved in a near fatal auto accident in northern New Mexico.
LaDonna broke her C-1 & 2 neck vertebrae, which in most cases results in instant death, or if survived, results in total paralysis.  The fact that she is walking and suffers minor effects can only be attributed to the grace and power of God.
Craig suffered injuries that took him right through death’s door.  After being resuscitated and airlifted to a major trauma center, he clung to life in a coma for nearly two months.  Almost 40 surgeries later, Craig continues to amaze the doctors, surgeons, and therapists in his amazing and arduous road to recovery.  Though primarily confined to a wheelchair, Craig continues to heal and share the hope that they have found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Their mission’s mandate explains clearly their passion to both be light in a dark world and help others be a light in the places God has sovereignly placed them in.
We invite you to learn more about Tribal Rescue Ministries, and Craig and LaDonna Smith.  We welcome you!  We’re glad you found us!