Sharing the hope of Jesus... 


He placed me in a little cage
Away from gardens fair;
But I must sing the sweetest song
Because He placed me there.

Not beat my wings against the cage
If it is my Maker’s will;
But lift my voice towards heaven’s gate
And sing the louder still...


            Ephesians 5:19 says, speaking to one another with psalmshymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord. 

            For over four decades, Craig and LaDonna Smith have been making music from their hearts to the Lord.  Music has always been an integral part of their ministry.  It goes back several generations when Craig’s grandparents and his father and his sister formed the original Smith Family Quartet. They ministered in churches, conferences, and even tribal gatherings such as wild rice camps, hunting and fishing camps of the Ojibwe people, where they would be found singing and preaching the gospel, seeking to bring others to Christ.

            Craig and LaDonna understand not only the beauty of music, but the importance of their music be centered clearly within biblical truth.  Their season of suffering has also seasoned their music and worship in song.  They are presently working on a new recording project they are aptly titling, Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in keeping with Eph. 5:19.

            The Smiths have gone deeper into truth and substance with their music in the same way they have done so with their preaching and teaching materials. It comes out clearly in the songs they sing and in the worship they lead in their TRM ministry events.

            Be looking for the release of their new recording project, coming soon to a TRM ministry event near you and available soon at the TRM store.