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"Craig’s thoughtful and biblical approach to Indigenous Faith reflects deep conviction as well as personal experience. His insight is of value, not only to indigenous believers, but to the church as a whole."
-Rev. Dan Wetzel, Past Vice President of Church Ministries, The C&MA


      How does an indigenous person define the boundary lines in which to live out their faith in Christ in the context of their unique cultures?  What are those boundary lines, and who or what should define them for an indigenous Christian?  Should each culture have its say in the proper interpretation of Scripture, or, are the Scriptures alone sufficient to speak to every human culture with transcendent truth?

     Craig Stephen Smith seeks to answer these important questions in his teaching series entitled, Indigenous Faith.  This series is available in various formats, including his new book, or, in a six-part video series with accompanying student workbooks and a leader’s guide that can be utilized in a small group or church wide setting.  The video series includes relevant questions that can be discussed after each session to help attendees process their unique culture in light of biblical truth.  This teaching series is also available in Audio CD format as well for personal use.  Whether you order Indigenous Faith in book form, high definition DVD, or Audio CD’s, you’ll find God’s Word to guide you into all truth!

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